Diddy's Sean John Cleared Of Sweatshop Allegations

The Honduran factory that manufactures the Sean John line of clothing for Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, has been cleared of charges alleging it was a sweatshop.The country's labor minister and a team of inspectors toured the facility and uncovered no proof of the sweatshop allegations by U.S. based National Labour Committee.Lydda Eli Gonzalez, who is 19-year-old, came forward for the National Labour Committie and said that the area she worked in was surrounded by a metal gate, very high walls and armed guards."We are under constant pressure," Gonzalez said. "They call us filthy names, like maldito, donkey, b*tch, and worse things. You can't answer the supervisors or they will fire you. It is very hot in the factory and you are sweating all day. There is also a lot of dust in the air. You breath it in, and you go into the factory with black hair, and come out with hair that is white or red or whatever the color of the shirts we are working on."Combs denied all of the allegations and promised he would investigate the charges.Honduran Labour Minister German Leitzelar said that the charges were overblown and that the conditions in the factory did not match what they found after a six hour inspection tour.