Diddy Says Citizen Change Won’t Stop, Wants To Be Black James Bond

Rap impresario turned

political activist Sean “P.Diddy” Combs announced today (Nov. 6) that

Citizen Change, his non-partisan voter registration initiative, will continue

to operate and recruit young people into the electoral process even though presidential

election has passed.

“This is

phase one, step one for us to get people engaged," Diddy told the Associated

Press. "I'm trying to set up an infrastructure of empowerment and understanding


According to many

polls, the overall number of young voters who turned out did increase. Combs

viewed the successful youth turnout as a success.

And the Bad Boy

CEO thinks Citizens Change was instrumental in reversing apathy among the young.

"I think it's

obvious that the youth voter turnout increased," he said. "You gotta

understand, this community was going backward, it wasn't going forward. This

was a community that was going the other way, getting disinterested. We were

effective enough to turn them around."

After indulging

in domestic issues as the head of Citizen Change, Combs may soon turn his sights

toward international politics. Diddy has recently made his intentions known

that he would like to portray 007 in the next James Bond incarnation.

“The world

is ready for a Black James Bond,” he recently told a British publication,

also citing his desire to have actress Angelina Jolie play his love interest.

Combs is considered

a long shot for the part of Bond, who has always been played by Caucasian men.