Diddy Says Photographer Refuses To Honor Settlement Over 2011 Beatdown

AllHipHop Staff

Diddy is heading to court to ask a judge to enforce an agreement making him pay a photographer.

(AllHipHop News) Sean "Diddy" Combs is asking a judge to enforce a ruling that will allow him to pay off a photographer in an ongoing lawsuit.

A man named Gustavo Garces sued Diddy in 2012 after the Bad Boy mogul's hired muscle beat up the photographer for taking pictures of him, in front of a Miami nightclub on New Year's Eve of 2011.

Garces claims one of Diddy's bodyguards "repeatedly" punched him "in and around his ribs,” while the other man put Garces in a headlock, allowing the "vicious attack" to continue.

Diddy and Garces went to court over the issue and eventually agreed to a settlement amount of $35,000 to close the case, if Garces agreed to drop the lawsuit against the bodyguards and Diddy's insurance company.

In the latest lawsuit regarding the beatdown, Diddy is claiming the photographer is stalling and refusing to sign the necessary paperwork, and he wants a judge to order Gustavo Garces to accept the $35,000 payment immediately.

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$35k My Azz! DUDDY gonna have to cough up A MILLI at least! Beatin' that poor man down like a criminal, just for doin' his job! 7 figures biyatch! #SadBoyGonnaPay