Diddy The Revolutionary?

On Friday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer had a candid interview with Sean “P.Diddy” Combs where the rap entrepreneur suggested…

On Friday, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer had a candid interview with Sean “P.Diddy” Combs where the rap entrepreneur suggested that his recent wave of philanthropic work might lead him to being a revolutionary for African American/Civil Rights causes.

After being queried if he wanted to enter the world of politics, Diddy said, “There's a lot of lies in politics, a lot of deception. What you're hearing isn't what I think somebody can guarantee they could do. I would have to say, I'd probably be more interested in being a revolutionary.”

“I would want to be an activist, you know, before I would want to be a politician.”

Diddy also admitted to being heavily recruited by the Democratic ticket, but said his assistance would largely depend on a commitment to helping the conditions in the inner cities across the nation. He opposition to the Rockefeller Drug Laws and fundraising for education were prominent examples displayed in the segment.”

“[For me] to be involved and in being helpful in this election…and it's something that I'm pondering, you know? Because if I do something, I want to do it all the way,” Diddy continued. “But to be honest, Kerry and Bush, anybody running for president, I can only go on what I'm hearing them say. And you know, I hear a lot of talking around in circles, like I usually do.”

Diddy stressed to Blitzer that the candidates are going to have to expand the center issues for him to join forces with any of them.

He said, “It's time that we make these candidates accountable, and it's time they start talking about issues that affect urban inner city life, that affect young people, education, health care and also affect minorities. I know that there are wars going on, but you have people that are dying right in our own back yards from poverty, illiteracy and just, you know, depression of not being able to make something of themselves.”

Without referring to many of his high-profile legal episodes in the past, Diddy stated that there are more important aspects to life for him far beyond money, fame and entertainment.

“I'm a child of God. I give all glory to God. And I have a responsibility to be the best child of God that I could be,” he expounded. “And I have to stay focused on that. Because the money and the power and the sales aren't going to get me into heaven at the end of the day. And it won't have as much of an impact as me having a positive impact on somebody's life, especially my kids and my family.”

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