Diddy To Star In 'Carlito's Way' Prequel

Sean “P. Diddy”

Combs has signed on to star in the prequel to the 1993 hit movie, “Carlito’s


The movie, “Carlito’s

Way: The Beginning,” will star Jay Hernandez as the younger version of

Puerto Rican gangster Carlito Brigante.


was made famous by actor Al Pacino.

The original movie

was produced by Martin Bregman, who is reportedly handing the reigns over to

his son, Michael S. Bregman.

On movie message

board Chud.com, industry insiders commented on the prequel to “Carlito’s


“I remember

reading someone say that they had been to a recent screening of "Carlito"

and that some movie people were there with comment cards for the audience to

fill out,” said member Munice Girl. “These cards had checkboxes

for determining what was most appealing to the audience about that movie and

what elements would compel them to see a prequel--some of the choices being:

Romance? Famous rappers? Gangster? If they're going to make a prequel, I hope

they don't ask anyone, but just come up with another good story.”

The movie has endured

the test of time due to various rappers pulling pieces from the movie and weaving

it into their own creations, the most well known being Jay-Z.

The character Sean

“P. Diddy” Combs will play has yet to be revealed.