Diddy Wins In Assault Case

Sean “Diddy” Combs emerged victorious in a Michigan appeal court when a judge ruled that the rapper/entrepreneur did not assault a talk show host after a 1999 interview.

TV talk-show host Roger Mills of Detroit filed a lawsuit against Diddy, Bad Boy Entertainment, bodyguard Ron Gilyard and a Detroit radio station after he alleged that he was assaulted after a 1999 interview with the mogul.

The interview ended suddenly when Mills inquired whether or not Diddy may have caused the 1997 death of The Notorious B.I.G. In the interview, Mills queried: “Did you have Notorious B.I.G. killed?” The host claimed that when Diddy exited the building, his bodyguards attacked him, broke a television camera and took the interview footage.

Diddy already won a previous ruling, but Mills appealed the 2004 decision. Mills claimed a jury should have heard a taped phone conversation that he had with the Bad Boy founder and his bodyguard, which would have incriminated him.

As previously reported, Diddy was recently sued by super model Tyson Beckford for unlawful use of his image and trademark infringement in a 2004 Sean John ad campaign.