Diesel Responds To Backlash For Selecting Nicki Minaj For Anti-Bullying Campaign

There are also negative reactions to the use of a homosexual slur.

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj was among the celebrities chosen to be a face of the new #DieselHateCouture collection. The Italian clothing company was met with backlash for selecting the self-described "bad guy" for the anti-online bullying campaign.

One Twitter user wrote, "[Nicki Minaj] as an anti-bullying beacon??? Bringing issues to light HOW?? By showing ppl what NOT to do? Lmao this a whole joke." Diesel responded to the tweet by stating, "We’re here to support anyone who’s getting hated on, and Nicki is one of them."

Another online critic offered, "But how the hell [is Nicki Minaj] a part of this when that’s what she does the most is bully ppl online smfh.. y’all got to do better." The Diesel account answered, "Our enemy is hate, not haters."

Another person on Twitter added, "That’s how you know it’s about money and not lives. [Diesel] should be ashamed." The brand replied, "Our campaign is meant to disempower online hate & bullying. And a part of the profits will be donated to an anti-bullying cause."

Diesel also received negative reactions for promoting a jacket adorned with the word "f*ggot" on it. The 40-year-old business stated, "We’re just saying it's gonna hurt much more if you hide the hate you received. Let's make fun of it."

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This is just good press for them, not about bullying.