Digable Planets Reunite

Early 1990's Hip-Hop

collective Digable Planets have announced that they have reunited and are working

on a new album.

Butterfly, Doodlebug

(Cee Knowledge) and Ladybug Ms. Mecca formed the group in the early 90’s

while attending college in Massachusetts.

The group's debut

release Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time & Space) was an instant

classic and spawned the lead single 'Rebirth of Slick' (Cool Like Dat)’,

a top 20 pop hit.

The release earned

the group a Grammy for best 'Duo or Group', making them the first Hip-Hop group

to receive the award in that category.

Digable Planet's

follow up album Blowout Comb was also a critical success and while

it contained memorable recordings including "9th Wonder," the album

never met the commercial success of the group’s debut.

The group disbanded

in 1995, with each member remaining active in the creative community.

“We just

stopped wanting to be around each other,” Butterfly told AllHipHop.com.

“Everybody seems to want there to be some kind of conclusive event or

something like that, but all you have to do is think about your own relationships

in your life, things happen over the course of time that make you want to not

be around somebody. And then maybe you get back with them at some certain time

but it’s not no cataclysmic event and sh*t like that, it’s not that


Butterfly formed

his live band Cherrywine and recently was featured in an off-Broadway play.

Butterfly also composed music for Pepsi and Fila commercials as well.

Doodlebug released

a few records with The Cosmic Funk Orchestra and Ladybug Ms. Mecca announced

plans to release a solo album last year.

No album title

or release date was available for the group’s new album as of press time.