Diggy Simmons Takes Off With Debut '1st Flight'

Diggy Simmons, son of pioneering rapper Joseph Rev Run Simmons, has announced the official release of his debut mixtape.

The release, titled The 1st Flight, was originally supposed to drop on November 27th.

According to Diggy, he delayed the mixed tape’s November 27th release, in order to tweak certain tracks on the project.

"I worked really hard on this tape independently,” Diggy told AllHipHop.com in a statement. “It was originally set to come out on Black Friday but I'm just trying to put my best foot forward because I already feel a lot of people don't believe in my project.”

Diggy, born Daniel Simmons, is the second son of pioneering rapper and Run-DMC group member Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and the nephew of Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons.

Diggy is best known for his role on his father’s hit MTV reality show, Run’s House.

The mixtape is an attempt by Diggy to prove himself as more than just the son of Rev. Run.

His father, Rev Run, admitted he was skeptical of Diggy’s aspirations to be a rapper and questioned his son’s seriousness, until he heard his mixtape.

“One day recently I was in a hotel room I'm in the city and he had a pen in his hand and he said ‘I'm getting ready to write rhymes,’” Rev. Run told AllHipHop.com. “All I could think of in my mind was ‘there's no way you can even know we could talk about.’ So deep in my heart, truthfully I was like ‘Diggy’s not going to write about anything this is not gonna be writing anything worth anything.”

The first single from the mixtape, titled “Point to Prove“, was released last week.

Rev. Run was pleasantly surprised when heard his son's flows on the new mixtape.

"I heard him and I was like ‘what is going on? This kid can really rhyme!" It’s so hard for me to understand how he has so much confidence on his record ‘Point to Prove.,’" Rev Run said. "I think this is what Run’s House did to him. It’s like ‘I’m not spoiled kid.’ I think rhyming gave him a challenge. The fact that people might have thought he couldn’t do it on his own. My favorite line is “I know you think my dad made a call/but he probably heard this record the same time as yall.”

Diggy Simmons mixtape The 1st Flight is available now.