Dilated Peoples Have 20/20 Hip-Hop Vision

Dilated Peoples return with a new album, 20/20, a work that is full of diverse styles from the West Coast rhyme vets.

"Back Again" will be the first released single from Dilated's new album titled 20/20, and features some atypical sounds.

"We weren't worried about the whole album...if we had two love songs and one party song," group member Evidence explained. "We just banged it out. It was just about making music."

The album features the classic, hardcore Hip-Hop Dilated sound, like the scratch-fueled "Alarm Clock Music."

"We make sure that Babu is there with us and gets the equal shine because the DJ is the backbone of the culture," said Rakaa.

 20/20 also features a new collaboration with the reggae-tinged "Firepower (The Tables Have to Turn)" featuring Capleton.

"I've always got to give respect to Jamaica and to reggae music for creating Kool Herc and ultimately creating Hip-Hop," Rakka continues. "Without reggae music, there is no Hip-Hop."

The new album boasts production from the likes of Alchemist, Joey Chavez and Bravo, and group members Evidence and DJ Babu.

"With this record, we wanted to really get back to a real, uncut pure vision and get back to the pure, boom-bap sound that really made us all get together," Rakaa said.