Diplo Begs Travis Scott To Reply To His Messages For Another Collaboration

Diplo has clout, but maybe not enough for Travis Scott?

(AllHipHop News) Diplo will team up again with Travis Scott, but only if the rapper replies to his text messages.

The 40-year-old DJ, who joined forces with Travis, Camila Cabello and Quavo on 2017 track "Know No Better," ran into the Sicko Mode hitmaker at a festival recently, and the pair exchanged numbers after Scott suggested another collaboration.

However, Diplo told his fans on Instagram that he's been frantically trying to get in touch with Travis ever since - with no success.

“Travis sees me after a festival and says ‘Hey let’s make another song,'” Diplo wrote, alongside two pictures showing the two musicians chatting.

“Me ‘What’s your new number?”, the caption continued. “Adds number, Texts him next day ‘this is Diplo’ notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.”

“Also I look dumb in this picture because I’m mid conversation about a really fire beat I made,” Diplo, real name Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr., added.

The second picture in the post featured screenshots of the five most recent texts that Diplo had sent to the 28-year-old rapper, dating all the way back to February, with no reply ever being given.

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Travis Scott is a re-creator. He is no original. Chopsticks is XXX Attencion Going Down, he came out as Kanye jr. Hip Hop is dead.