Diplomat's Freekey Zeekey Locked Up

Diplomat Records President Freekey Zeekey is

well known for disappearing for weeks on end, keeping only his Dip-Set brethren

aware of his whereabouts.

Again, Zeeky is missing from the Dip-Set limelight,

this time due to a relatively new incarceration. Sources say, after Zeekey was

shot twice in an April 2003 incident where associate Eric Mangrum was murdered,

the attention brought awareness of past unresolved charges.

“When he got shot, some stuff from down

south came up and it all came back out,” Dip Set A&R Duke Da God said.

Both Cam’ron and Jim Jones confirmed Zeeky’s

status, stating that he wouldn’t be home until 2006.

“Freaky Zeeky right now is on a little vacation,”

Cam told AllHipHop.com. “I don’t get into too much detail about it,

but he is alright and he gives everybody his love.”

Jim Jones also remained tightlipped about details

on Zeekey. “I'm not really liable to talk about the whole Zeke s**t. Let's

just say that my ni**a Zeke is on vacation and when he comes home he's going

to be a rich motherf**ker.”

Zeke’s fun-loving personality is exemplified

in the Diplomat videos, but Jim Jones said the president had a duality to his

persona comparable to another character.

“Joe Pesci was funny in all his movies,”

Jones explained “Do you understand the whole picture? Joe Pesci was a hell

of a comedian in all of his movies. And he also did all the motherf**king' killing,

ya dig?”

Cam has finished recording Purple Haze,

his fourth album, and recently released Sizzurp Purple Punch, a 32-proof liquor,

with Jim Jones.

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