Diplomats Set Up Shop In UK With S.A.S.

Cam'ron has taken

his Diplomats Record label international with the launching of Diplomat Records

Europe and signing Eurogang creators S.A.S.

S.A.S is made up of East

Finchley natives Sean “Mega” Williams and Melvin “Mayhem”

Williams. The group linked up with the Diplomats in 2002 after a visit to the

United States.

The group was affiliated

with Damon Dash and that led to them being featured in a worldwide Roc-A-Wear

ad campaign, but group members said they were never formally signed to Roc-A-Fella


“We approached the

Diplomats on the street level and we had mutual friends in Harlem,” Mayhem

recounted. “We vibed on a character level, but when they realized we were

talented they asked us to record songs with them in a hotel. Next thing you

know we were on Top of the Pops with them when they performed ‘Hey Ma’

and the rest was history."

S.A.S, is scheduled to release

their debut album, Diplomats’ Present, Streets All Salute -The Prequel

Album, under the Diplomat imprint in October.

“We’re excited,”

Mega stated. “We’ve always known we were this nice, it’s just

that now we have a team behind us with Diplomats that people respect.”

S.A.S is also scheduled

to tour with the Diplomats both in Europe and in the United States starting

this month (August 2005).

According to representatives,

the group will travel to Canada later this month to shoot a video that will

include Diplomat members Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Freaky


For more information

about S.A.S log onto http://www.sasdiplomats.com.