Director Of Salacious Remy Ma Clip Speaks Out

The director behind a controversial Internet clip featuring a woman claiming to be the lover of rapper Remy Ma has issued his own statement surrounding the clip's authenticity.

Cliffy Barz of the WebTV show Harlem Streets, uploaded the clip to YouTube in December of 2007 featuring a Harlem woman who claimed to have had sexual relations with Remy Ma.

In the clip, the unidentified woman also has a conversation with a woman purported to be Remy Ma.

After the clip hit the Internet, representatives for Remy Ma swiftly issued a statement, denying the authenticity of the content and labeled the video a staged hoax.

"I done heard all the threats and negative feedback from fans of Remy on that video and I just want to clear up the drama that has been going on involving my name," Cliffy Barz told in an exclusive statement. "In no way did I upload this video to undermine Remy Ma’s name and character. Me personally [I] enjoy Remy Ma's music. When news reporters report horrible information about celebrities, they don't personally have anything against them, its just their job."

According to Cliffy Barz, he attempted to contact representatives for Remy Ma for a statement prior to uploading the video, but never received a response.

After the video hit the net, Remy Ma’s representatives swiftly issued a statement with a veiled threat to Cliffy Barz and the woman on the clip, noting that they would exhaust their legal options to protect the rapper’s reputation.

"The fraudulent video hoax that has surfaced of an alleged female lover of Remy Ma is completely false and reps for Remy Ma emphatically deny these claims," representatives for Remy Ma told "The staged video and storyline, as well as the voice on the phone posing as Remy are all fictitious and have made it very obvious that this is a deliberate attempt to undermine Remy's name and character…we hope that the involved accusers are aware of the civil liberties violated in the taping of this video."

Despite the possibility of legal action, Cliffy Barz claims the same unidentified Harlem woman in the clip is now claiming to have pictures with Remy Ma to prove her allegations.

"I was contacted again by the female who made the allegations and she wants to get back on my show to reveal pictures she claims she has of her and Remy ma," Barz told "I am currently debating on whether or not I should have her on my show again. I personally don't know if Remy Ma is gay or not but I do know the female claiming to have dated her wants to return to my show claiming she has pictures of her and Remy Ma together. I feel like Remy has enough on her hands, so I do not know if I should have her on the show to spark up anymore flames that have already been sparked."

In related news, a pre-trial hearing involving Remy Ma's attempted murder trial was postponed today (January 10) when her lawyer Ivan Fisher called out sick.

Remy Ma will appear in court in regards to allegations that she shot her childhood friend twice in the abdomen during a dispute over money missing from the rapper's purse.