Dirt McGirt Shoots For Playboy

Dirt McGirt, formerly

known as the Ol' Dirty Bastard, will be the next celebrity guest photographer

for Playboy Magazine.

Dirt snapped the

pictures as photographer for a day for the magazine's website, Playboy.com.

He took flicks

of Philadelphia native and Play Boy Special Editions model, Stacy Hetrick.

According to those

present at the shoot, the model made Dirt lose his cool and he began to noticeably


"I was a little

shaky, shaky, shaky like," Dirt said. "But she's a sweetheart and

it was cool."

Dirty also participated

in a "Dirty Dozen" interview for Playboy.com's "Sex" section.

In the interview, Dirt McGirt talks about getting down with groupies and what

celebrity he wants to have sex with.

Ludacris, Ja Rule,

DMX, Xzibit and Nelly have all snapped pictures of various models for Playboy.