Dirty Harry To Releases 2 New Mixtapes, Launches Radio Show

By Rodrigo Lopez

DJ Dirty Harry has recently released Unforgiven, his latest mixtape offering and launched a Sirius Satellite radio show called Sudden Impact, which airs on Saturday afternoons.

"It's been a long time in the making," Harry told AllHipHop.com about Unforgiven, which debuted last week, and his latest business ventures that include a radio show, DVD, and new Web site.

The DJ began hosting his Sirius show two weekends ago and is set to release another mixtape, currently untitled, to coincide with the upcoming re-launch of djdirtyharry.com.

"I want to bring good music, but I always wanted to show my skills," Harry said of his transitioning from mixtapes to radio. "But it's really about promoting the music you feel is making a difference in the game. [And] that's been my philosophy since day one."

The notable mixer, known for his Rap Phenomenon and Living Legend series, has also partnered with a Smack DVD founder to premiere Encore DVD, which he says will serve as a visual companion to his mixtapes.

A tightlipped Harry refused to elaborate on his next mixtape, expected to drop around the beginning of September, but explained the reason for his slower-paced output compared to his DJ contemporaries.

"I put some work into my tapes. The lifespan is more than one week," he explained. "It's kind of like a lifetime. I put out re-mastered CDs from '95 and people say they sound fresh and brand new."

Harry was also coy in regards to the next Rap Phenomenon project.

After putting together a Biggie and 2Pac series, with DJs Vlad and Green Lantern, Harry remained mum on the next candidate.

"We're deciding who would make [part] 3 crazy, a couple names, and a couple ideas," said Harry. "It's just trying to coordinate who would be right. But [expect it] by the end of the year, Christmastime."

DJ Dirty Harry's Sudden Impact airs every Saturday on Sirius Satellite radio between 5PM to 6PM eastern standard time.