Disagreement Over Tupac Turns Into A Brutal, Bloody Street Fight Between Two Men

AllHipHop Staff

A man in Florida is looking at some prison time after he got into a fight over Tupac.

(AllHipHop News) Everyone knows fans of Tupac Shakur are very passionate about the late rap star.

That anger exploded into violence last Wednesday in Clearwater, Florida after two men started arguing over Pac at a party.

During the disagreement, a man named Thomas Statkiewicz claimed he was forced to defend himself when the argument turned physical.

The disagreement between Statkiewicz and the unidentified man spilled out on to the street, where he assaulted the man and sent him to the hospital with serious injuries.

The man large lumps on his face, while both of his eyes were swollen shut.

Police had a hard time getting information from the man in the hospital because he was too intoxicated to talk.

Several witnesses eventually identified Statkiewicz as the culprit and cops arrested and charged him with felony battery.

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“They live a thug life baby there hopeless”

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Two white boy's fighting over TUPAC..... DAMN, who was right? The dude nda hospital ALL fucked up, or dude nda mugshot???? Lol


Tupac was legend ☠️☠️


@Jennylove nope people shouldnt speak on the rap god like that. People tend to have strong opinions on shit when they dont know shit about it or dont have facts. 2pac is a undeniable legend and for anyone who denounces that is a fucking fool . plain and simple