Disney, Wal-Mart In Hot Water Over Explicit CD, MP3 Player

A father in Volusia, Florida was shocked to find out that the Disney Channel Hits CD

purchased for his 6-year-old daughter as a Christmas gift was filled with unedited songs from the Diplomats.

While typically filled with music from such Disney acts as Hannah Montana, the Disney Channel Hits CD Jay Scott contained explitives and numerous references to drugs.

"It was bought by a grandmother for a grandchild. It's got Disney written all over it," the girl's father, Jay Scott told a local news channel. "Even the radio mix is at least cleaner. It was quite explicit"

Although a similar situation took place in California, the manager of the Toys R Us where the CD was purchased claims that he hasn't received any reports from other customers.

In Cookeville, Tennessee another innocent Christmas gift turned out to be anything but, when it was revealed that an MP3 player purchased for a 10-year-old girl was preloaded with pornography and explicit songs.

"Within 10 minutes, my daughter was crying,'' said Daryl Hill, the 10-year-old's father. "I wish I could take the thoughts and images out of her head.''

It turns out that the MP3 player purchased from a local Wal-Mart had been returned by another customer, who downloaded the pornography and explicit songs onto the product.

According to Wal-Mart store policy opened packages are un-returnable so it's unclear as to why the MP3 player was sold as new.