DJ Akademiks & Ebro Darden Clash Online Over Lil Nas X & Nipsey Hussle

The Country-Trap newcomer and the late Hip Hop legend were brought into the dispute.

(AllHipHop News) The media figures are feuding. Everyday Struggle pundit DJ Akademiks and Hot 97 radio personality Ebro Darden are engaging in a back-and-forth on Twitter.

It seems the issues started over Ebro's take on Lil Nas X's Country-Trap smash "Old Town Road." The Beats 1 radio host tweeted, "I love 'Old Town Road'... But it’s goofy on purpose and that should NOT go unchecked... You dumb ass rookies think popularity is all that matters. F*cking clowns."

Akademiks responded, "It’s on all biggest Hip Hop Apple Music playlist which u probably have huge a whole lot of influence in since ur the Global Editorial Head of Hip-Hop and R&B.... how bout u start there sir?"

He added, "Ebro mad at 'Old Town Road' disrespecting the culture n co-signing rappers being mad at it yet at I bet he ain’t pull up to his superiors at Apple asking why it’s on hip hop playlists. Funny thing.. he has the job title @ Apple to oversee Hip Hop & R&B. Imma log off."

Ebro fired back, "Yo goofy ass my [team] at Apple made sure this song was featured and not hated on. People like it... And your bet is wrong. You wish you knew how I moved. Dork.'

Last night, Ebro returned to Twitter to retweet an old video of the deceased Nipsey Hussle calling out DJ Akademiks' for "playing" with Hip Hop. Nip also talked about wanting to personally check the YouTuber for promoting violence in the culture over positive messages.

Ak was clearly bothered by Ebro's use of the clip. The Complex commentator added, "Mad corny of you to try to weaponize the words of a dead man who... felt this way before we talked like men then felt another way after. Take ur L. don’t bring Nipsey in a unrelated argument. I reiterate. U stuck in a crisis. b*tch online about sh*t that u gotta support at work."

While DJ Akademiks slammed Ebro for his opinion about "Old Town Road," he also questioned if the song should be taken seriously at one point. On the April 8 episode of Everyday Struggle, Ak said, "When I first heard it, seen everything, [I thought] is this a parody? Is this a really good parody?"

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Dj Akademiks is the biggest Fuck Boi in Hip Hop media.. This motherfucker doesn't understand that Ebro HAS to play shit that's popular, that's a MAJOR part of Radio... Doesn't mean he has to like the shit. And that song is fucking atrocious.


I agree with Academiks


FUCK DJ Akademiks!!!!! He's the type of dude who will make his little comments, talk some shit & when someone swings on him, he'd sue & cry about him NOT being a street dude!!!