DJ Akademiks On 'Everyday Struggle': Best Thing For Hip Hop In Years

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The show is set to return after the New Year without Joe Budden.

(AllHipHop News) The fallout from Joe Budden parting ways with Everyday Struggle continues to play out. This week's episode of The Joe Budden Podcast was mostly focused on the talking head explaining why things did not work out between him and Complex and its parent company Verizon.

Budden's former Everyday Struggle co-host DJ Akademiks has also been using various outlets to give his side of the situation. Last night, the YouTube celebrity posted several tweets addressing his role in trying to prevent the breakup of the popular digital series.

Akademiks wrote:

I wish I could solve all issues .. I wish everyday struggle could me and joe n nadeska.. I’ve asked.. I’ved tried to explore every possibility ... unfortunately that’s not that case. It’s sad but that’s what I’m faced with. I dunno what’s the deal wit complex and joe ... not completely ... I’m left under contract ... tryna figure out my own thing... I want what we built over these last few months ... but I can’t make these decisions. It’s sad. But it’s reality. Tryna figure how to move. Everyday struggle with me and joe was the best thing to happen to complex and hip hop in years. Believe me I want it to continue ... believe me ... I wish I could do anything to make it work. Sad truth there’s nothing I could do... I would have taken a pay cut to make it work .. I would have done anything... it’s just nothing that I could do to help situation ... and I’m sadden by that.

According to a Complex representative, Everyday Struggle will return in 2018 with new episodes and guests. The company stated, "We wish Joe all the best and thank him for a great 2017."