DJ Big Mike Exposes Court Documents Proving DJ Trap-A-Holics Snitched; Says The Empire is Next

It was just under two years ago that DJ Big Mike, born Micheal Wilcox, was arrested and charged with music piracy for the illegal distribution of mixtapes burned with copy-written material.

(AllHipHop News) After being investigated by RIAA agents for several years, Big Mike’s operation was raided, as agents and police seized all materials believed to be associated with the burning of mixtapes at three separate residences in Connecticut and New York.

Now Big Mike is striking back after he beat the charges, claiming that both DJ Trap-A-Holics and The Empire helped Danbury Police and other agents in building a case against DJ Big Mike, just days before the raid.

DJ Trap-A-Holics is well-known for his role in both Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka’s mixtapes as a Brick Squad DJ.

The Empire is well primarily known for his mixtapes with Duct Tape Entertainment artists like Alley Boy and Trouble.

To prove his allegations against DJ Trap-A-Holics and The Empire, DJ Big Mike revealed documents from the Danbury, Connecticut police department, showing DJ Trap-A-Holics aka Santos Figueora or “Tos” written statements to police affirming the operation that took place.

Trap-A-Holics statement we given to police just days before DJ Big Mike’s raid.

According to initial reports, Danbury detectives interviewed an associate of DJ Big Mike, whose name was associated with a post office box used by the DJ and whose name was on mail delivered to the Danbury house.

DJ Big Mike has said that he will release documents showing The Empire snitched in the coming week.

More news as details emerge.

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