DJ Esco Explains Why It’s Important For Young Rap Fans To Know Nas

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"Hearing Nas say my name on a record means everything to me..."

(AllHipHop News) DJ Esco is responsible for getting Nas and Future on the same song. The New York legend and the Atlanta hitmaker joined forces for “Walk Thru” off Esco’s Kolorblind album.

Some Hip Hop fans were unaware that Nas is also known as Esco, and that's part of the reason DJ Esco wanted to work with the Illmatic emcee. The turntablist spoke with MTV News about teaming with Escobar.

“Hearing Nas say my name on a record means everything to me because I wanted the younger crowd to know that there was an Esco before DJ Esco. There was a Nas Esco,” said the Freebandz affiliate. “No matter how hot you are, there’s always someone who did it before you that you can learn from.”

He continued, “Hip Hop is not in a good state with the young rappers and then you got the older rappers - there’s no connection right now. Older rappers got a problem with the way younger rappers are doing it. Younger rappers just think the older rappers are just old. So I wanted to do something new, fresh for 2018 - OG Esco, DJ Esco and put it together.”

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