DJ Fired For 'Race' Remarks Gets New Job At Hot 97

Raqiyah Mays, a popular writer and DJ, was fired by New York’s Power 105 earlier in the week, but now has already been hired by WQHT’s Hot 97, her press machine released today.

Mays was fired by the program director after she commented that Black men shouldn’t date Caucasian women because of a shortage for their African American counterparts.

During a contest for Usher’s new CD Confessions, Mays reasoned, “I made a confession of my own. I said I was concerned about interracial relationships when the African-American community has our own inner work and healing to do. If I see a white woman dating an African-American man, I feel, as do many African-American women, that there is one less black man available to us."

Power 105, a Clear Channel station, reportedly felt the comments were actually racist and made the dismissal.

After a meeting with Hot 97’s Tracey Cloherty, VP of Programming, Mays was offered her previous timeslot on Sunday from 1-5 pm.

Cloherty told the NY Daily News that she didn’t agree with Mays’ views on interracial dating, but said she still should maintain her freedom to say her viewpoints.

Cloherty said, "I happen to disagree with that view. But I think she has every right to state it on air."

Mays said that she looks forward to her new post with Hot 97, especially the open dialogue with her fans and listeners.

"A lot of the feedback I have gotten from across the country has been very supportive from both black and white people," she said via statement. "I feel blessed to have the opportunity to talk to the people again. I can't wait to find out how the tri-state area feels about my comments, life, the world, everything."

Mays also serves as the executive editor of The Ave Magazine, a relatively new politically charged hip-hop magazine.

Mays starts on Sunday, March 28, from 1pm-5pm.