DJ Greg Street, DJ Kay Slay Connect Hip-Hop Scenes With 'The Champions'


V-103 DJ Greg Street has teamed with DJ Kay Slay to create The Champions: North

Meets South, a new compilation album which hit stores August 22.The

album’s first single "Can't Stop The Reign 2006" features Miami

Heat basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, Papoose and Bun B, with a remix added

featuring Busta Rhymes. The

video was shot in South Beach, Miami.Street

and Kay Slay said their collaboration was an effort to create music for a more

eclectic group of Hip-Hop lovers and to bridge the gap between the northern and

the southern Hip-Hop scenes.“We're

looking for support of real riders; people who don't like listening to the same

songs in their CD players as they hear it 100 times a week on the radio,”

Street told “We're simply asking people to expand their minds.”Street

said the album was something that every Hip-Hop music lover could relate to, and

that it was important for he and Kay Slay to bring together different regions

of Hip-Hop and create songs for the music lover.“It's

something we did out of respect for all parts of the country,” Street said.

“[It’s] like when you went to a club and you went crazy to Eric B. &

Rakim, Run-DMC, Big Daddy Kane, but at the same time you rocked to DJ Jimi, Luke,

Home Team, MC Thick, Chuck Brown, Madonna, Ice-T, World Class Wreckin’ Crew,

Jonzun Crew, MC Shy D, etc. We're simply asking people to expand their minds.”Greg

Street’s album, 6 O'clock Vol. 1, went gold in 2001, selling over

100,000 copies with one single released. 26,000 copies of the album were sold

in Atlanta.The

Champions: North Meets South is in stores now on Shaquille O'Neal's label

Deja34/Koch Records.