DJ Hurricane To Release Don't Sleep


Hurricane is set

to release his album, Don't Sleep October 10th, on TVT Records.

The all-star, ensemble cast of Don't Sleep includes Talib Kweli,

Xzibit, Faith Evans, Money Mark, Public Enemy, The Lost Boyz,

N'Dea Davenport, The Flipmode Squad, Ad Rock from the Beastie

Boys and an unexpected appearance from Scott Weiland of the Stone

Temple Pilots.

Don't Sleep platforms

Hurricane's talent as a DJ and producer. The album features a

diverse array of artists performing old-school flavored tracks

and classic covers. You can also witness Hurricane's sense of

humor as evident by the reworking of the Queen rock anthem ``We

Will Rock You,'' featuring Scott Weiland. Other standout tracks

include the marijuana/hydro-bud tribute ``Come Get It'' featuring

Busta Rhyme's Flipmode Squad and the reinterpretation of a Cheryl

Lynn 70's classic, ``Keep It Real,'' featuring Faith Evans and

the Lost Boyz.

Don't Sleep has generated

early excitement from publications like Vibe Magazine, who said,

``Don't Sleep demonstrates why the big man's moniker fits. Hurra

does an amazing job of lacing artists with an ill wind to spit

into.'' FHM Magazine gave the record four stars saying, ``DJ Hurricane

returns with an album hotter than black-leather seats in the summer.''

Born in Hollis, a

suburb of Queens, New York, Hurricane started rhyming at age 11

and took credit for founding Hollis' first rap group the Solo

Sounds, which morphed into the short-lived group The Afros (of

``Kickin' Afrolistics'' fame.) Hurricane later worked as a bodyguard

for Hollis natives Run D.M.C. During the infamous 1986 Raising

Hell tour, in which the Beasties opened. When the Beasties lost

their original DJ, Dr. Dre, Hurricane officially stepped up to

plate and into the spotlight. The rest is history. Hurricane later

released a solo album in 1995 on the Beastie's label Grand Royal

entitled The Hurra which received mass acclaim from both the hip

hop community and critics alike.

DJ Hurricane is expected

to tour in the fall in support of Don't Sleep.