DJ Julio G., Mack 10 Team For West Coast Compilation

West Coast DJ Julio G and rapper Mack 10 have united to release the California-based CD/DVD compilation West Side Radio...My First Strike.

The project will be the first in a series featuring the best of west coast rap.

The new release will include music from west coast artists Snoop Dogg, B-Real of Cypress Hill, DJ Quik, Daz and Kurupt and Xzibit.

"I am very proud to announce that The Westside Radio has a home with Hoo Bangin/Malee Recording," revealed Julio G. "Thanks to Mack 10 and Bryan Turner for believing in the importance of the West Coast. This will be the first West Coast album put out by a West Coast DJ."

"Julio is one of the most credible DJ's on the West Coast; he's from the original 1580 K-DAY," added Mack 10. "West Coast Hip-Hop fans listened and respected Julio from day one. His loyalty to Hip-Hop helped support West-Coast artists, as well as the East Coast ones throughout the years. He's been as important to the West Coast rap scene as Funk Master Flex a few others have been to the East Coast movement."

The album will also be highlighted by production from a variety of West Coast producers including E-Swift, Alchemist, Fredwreck, Battlecat, SoopaFly, Jon B, as well as Julio G himself.

In addition to the album, the DVD features unreleased footage of exclusive artist interviews complied by Julio G.

West Side Radio...My First Strike hits stores in early 2007.