DJ Kay Slay and Jay Electronica Debate NY-Southern Hip-Hop Animosity

Yesterday and early this morning, DJ Kay Slay and Jay Electronica became embroiled in a heated debate over the latter’s outspoken statements on New York’s bias against Hip-Hop from the South.

The issue began when Electronica conducted a London interview, and revealed that in his younger days he held animosity to the RZA over a statement where he implied that southern rappers were less intelligent and making a mockery of Hip-Hop culture.

“Peace on RZA, that’s my brother,” Jay said. “RZA had a great effect on me via the Wu Tang Clan and the music he did, I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the RZA and the Wu. But also RZA you said some crazy wild shit, and if you would have seen me at that time we might have had a physical altercation.”

Despite Jay prefacing and ending his comments by saying that he had love for RZA and no longer harbored any ill feelings, DJ Kay Slay took exception with the tone of Electronica’s interview, in particular his declaration that there were several emcees from the South that would “burn niggas” from New York.

“This Jay Electronica dude is getting real disrespectful towards New York niggas these days. If he hates us so fucking much why does he rap like us?” Kay Slay tweeted. “His fucking interview just made my blood boil…Can’t fuck with sun no more.”

Later Electronica visited Angela Yee’s Lip Service show, and defended his previous comments while framing the dispute as a case of others being too sensitive.

“I’m not rhyming like nobody, we all got influences. And no disrespect, I love Kay Slay,” he stated. “When I say New York niggas was dissing us and talking crazy shit about us; I’m not being hypothetical, I’m talking about what I experienced…I was real clear in the interview I have super respect for RZA. If it wasn’t for Wu, Nas, BIG, Jeru, Primo, by the way Primo’s from Texas, if it wasn’t for all these people I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

“Check me on the facts, is what I’m saying true or false?” Jay continued. “My name is Jaree Understanding Allah. I’m on a mission from Almighty God. I ain’t on a mission from Kay Slay or Funk Flex…Nowadays it’s a shortage of men, niggas is acting like faggots. Niggas get sensitive when you speak how you really feel with conviction.”

At midnight Kay Slay addressed Electronica’s words on his Hot 97 radio show, questioning the timing and sincerity of the New Orleans emcee’s position.

“What happened in the past happened and the South is eating now and you got on. Why you keep bringing up old foolishness and keep throwing New York up?” Slay challenged. “I’m taking offense because when Ludacris came around before his first album dropped, he came to my crib to freestyle. T.I. when he first came out came to my crib to freestyle; he asked me to bring him on BET his first time around. Eightball’s first time when he came to New York, I took him through Harlem. You’re using these people like no one in New York supported the South and everybody was dogging them [and] that never was the case.”

Kay Slay also dismissed Jay Electronica’s belief that he didn’t owe New York’s Hip-Hop scene a detailed explanation, arguing that his current residence in Brooklyn did not entitle him to chastise the region.

“If I go in the South, Midwest, or West Coast talking crazy and somebody asks yo what you meant by that, yeah I do owe an explanation…This is our stopping ground, you’re a guest here!” he detailed. “We need lyricists, [and] I respect you as that. But the way you was talking and I seen your aggression, son I’m aggressive, too! And I’m true and living as well, I got knowledge of self, so I ain’t no savage…You eating now dog, let it go. This is New York, man…I can name 5 rappers from the street that I’ll put on stage with anybody you bring to the table, and I’ll put my bread up, son.”

In both broadcasts, each man appeared to be open to a private discussion to settle matters, if needed.

Jay Electronica collaborated with Sean “Diddy” Combs to release “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace” earlier this month, and is currently working on his debut album.

DJ Kay Slay third studio album, More Than Just a DJ, was released in February.