DJ Khaled Alive And Well In Miami Despite Suicide Reports

AllHipHop Staff

Sources have told that famed Miami DJ Khaled of the Terror Squad was not the driver of a white Bentley who was shot and killed, after a four-hour police pursuit in Los Angeles.

Rumors spread across the Internet after a man resembling the Miami DJ allegedly led police on four-hour chase, at speeds of no more than 40 mph on the Hollywood Freeway and Interstate 5.

LAPD officer Karen Smith said the driver of the $100,000 dollar car was despondent, allegedly armed and suicidal.

Police said the driver of the Bentley was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon on his girlfriend.

The area was cordoned off by police after the driver stopped on Lankershim Boulevard shortly after 11:00 PM and popped his trunk, making it difficult for police to have a direct view of the luxury vehicle.

Officers stormed the vehicle and broke open the passenger window, only to find the driver of the Bentley slumped over in the front seat.

He was pulled from the vehicle, placed on a stretcher and rushed to a local hospital by ambulance.

DJ Khaled, born of Palestinian descent, in New Orleans, resembled the unidentified man in question, who police said was from Pakistan.

DJ Khaled called into Los Angeles’ Power 106 as well and said that he was busy “making hits in Miami.”