DJ Khaled And 50 Cent Splurge On Outrageous Cars For Christmas

AllHipHop Staff

Work hard, play hard. And that's exactly why Khaled and 50 Cent treated themselves for Christmas.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled has gifted himself a custom Rolls-Royce for Christmas.

The rapper and producer showed off his new ride, a 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, to TMZ cameras in New York City on Christmas Eve.

Will Castro, the man who overhauled the vehicle for DJ Khaled, has revealed he spent another $25,000 on the $500,000 car, adding rims, tinted windows, and new tires.

The Miami producer wasn't the only big named artist who treated himself to a flashy whip for Christmas.

50 Cent took to Instagram to show off his new holiday toy - a 2020 Bugatti.

While 50 made did not mention how much cash he shelled out for his Bugatti, reports estimate the vehicle is worth about $2.5 million.

Take a look at 50's new ride too: