DJ Khaled Is Suing Company For Jacking Asahd’s Name

A Business Consulting company filed a trademark on “Asahd Couture” and “We The Best Lifestyle.”

By Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled turned Asahd Khaled into a superstar the second he was born.

Now, he demands respect on his 1-year-old’s name.

The “We The Best” rapper is filing documents against a business called Business Consulting after they filed a trademark for the words, "Asahd Couture," "Asahd," and "We The Best Lifestyle."

Allegedly, Curtis Bordenave, the founder of the company, has been making clothes under Asahd’s name, which is not sitting well with Khaled.

Khaled claims this gives Curtis an advantage into tricking customers this is Khaled’s brand, when they actually have no relation.

In addition, Khaled has been working on his own brand called Haddad Brands, and reports Bordenave has been hindering him from using anything with Asahd’s name.

Enough is enough, as Khaled prepares to take Bordenave to court.