DJ Khaled Jewelers Conspired To Rip Him Off With Bogus Appraisals

DJ Khaled is fighting a lawsuit that claims he just stole some jewelry instead of paying for it.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled claims a celebrity jeweler is using a phony organization to issue bogus appraisals of their goods in a vast conspiracy.

Khaled just filed documents in an ongoing lawsuit with New York’s Rafaello & Company.

Rafaello & Company filed a lawsuit against producer DJ Khaled in 2015, claiming Khaled decided to keep two Rolex watches, a diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and a 4-carat diamond ring, all valued at more than $100,000.

In the latest round of legal filings, Khaled claims Raefaello & Company uses a company called The American Board of Certified Gemologists (ABCG), who appraises the company's jewelry at inflated prices.

Khaled says the two companies work together “to sell jewelry at a much higher price by falsely representing the quality and value," thus, ripping off their clients.

According to TheBlast, rapper cited an example where he paid $110,000 for a chain which was presented with a bogus appraisal certificate for $240,000.

Rafaello maintains Khaled was lent the pieces for 15 days with the stipulation the Miami native would either pay for the items or return them.

The suit alleges Khaled simply kept the jewelry despite a supposed written agreement between the two parties.

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all jewelry appraises higher. Appraisals are for insurance purposes, and if you lose your ring, for example, that is the highest amount the appraiser determines to replace your ring with a like kind and quality at an undetermined store