DJ Khaled Plans To Go To War With Dove Soap With New Biz

DJ Khaled is planning to cash in on his fame, with his own line of soap.

(AllHipHop News) In addition to selling records, DJ Khaled makes a great living hawking various products

From liquor to dieting, DJ Khaled has it covered.

Now, the producer is branching out again with plans to launch his own soap business.

Khaled is pretty well known for his promotion of Dove soap, even though he has no official relationship with the company.

According to Khaled, he's sick of Dove not recognizing his value in terms of marketing, so he has decided to create his own line.

Khaled revealed the idea came to him after his recent trip to Cabo, in Mexico.

"I'm an entrepreneur. I've been blessed to do things I love to do. I know what I like and what I want to smell like," Khaled said during his appearance on The Conan O'Brien show.