DJ Khaled's New Album Title Drawn From Recent Health Scare

(AllHipHop News) We the Best CEO/Def Jam South President DJ Khaled has announced the title of his upcoming 7th album.

The album title, Suffering From Success, is drawn from a recent health scare that resulted in a loss of hair growth on his beard, associated with the stress of doing business.

"We just got done turning in Ross' album and people don't realize when you turn in an album, there's a lot of work behind the scenes. From clearing records to dealing with lawyers, sample clearances, mixing and mastering, marketing plans," DJ Khaled explained.

After getting diagnosed with stress related symptoms and receiving medication, DJ Khaled told Sway Calloway the doctor said, "son, you suffering from the success."

It's clear DJ Khaled has high hopes for this project. In the intro, he likens himself to a Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones or L.A. Reid.

"You know Khaled is like a 2013 Quincy Jones, a 2013 Berry Gordy, somebody that you know - a Birdman, because we are all artists. You know LA Reid, you gotta big up LA, we have all these people, you have artists but we are also producers and executives. With all that being said we also are all A&R's, because your titles get bigger with your success."