DJ Khaled Shares Touching Open Letter To Son Asahd

AllHipHop Staff

DJ Khaled opens up to his son in a new video.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled has spoken of his love for his son in a touching video which serves as an open letter to the tot and his fans.

In the video, which explains the meaning behind the name of his upcoming album Father of Asahd, Khaled shares home footage of Asahd, now 16 months, and reveals how much becoming a father has changed his life.

"I have an important message for you. It’s a message about the master key of master keys. I’m talking about love," he says in the voiceover. "Love can change everything. It’s changed me... My son, Asahd. He is my legacy, my love, my lion. That’s what Asahd means: Lion."

Despite being a few months short of his second birthday, Asahd has already experienced many of the finer things in life. The video shows the toddler hanging with his father everywhere from the red carpet to the back of yachts. And Khaled also shows his son his love in other ways - such as when he bought him a $100,000 diamond watch when he celebrated his first birthday at Miami's LIV nightclub.

"Every morning I tell Asahd, ‘I love you. I got you’," Khaled continues in the video. "But the truth is, he’s got me. He’s what gives me hope and purpose. He’s my inspiration and motivation... I got everything from my mother and father. Now I’m grateful for the one who’s coming after me."

The producer and his fiancee Nicole Tuck welcomed Asahd in October 2016.

The highly-anticipated record is expected to feature Khaled's new single "Top Off," which features Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Future.
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No. 1-1

I take it this fool has never heard of over exposure. Plastering the little one's face everywhere will only make things worse for him later in life. Is Khaled gonna do this until the kid's grown? SMH.