DJ Khaled Talks New LP, Nas, Ringtones vs. Albums

DJ Khaled is preparing for the September 16 release of his third LP We Global, which the Miami-based DJ guarantees will be his most star-studded effort.

In an exclusive interview with, DJ Khaled revealed the loaded guest list he has in store.

“The direction is to just go harder and bigger out here with these records,” Khaled told “I’m collaborating with the biggest hood stars and street artists in the game…Ricky Ross, Plies, Boosie, Akon, Ace Hood, and Trick Daddy. This is just straight out the projects! And the new single ‘Go Hard’ features T-Pain and Kanye West. And that one, I can retire after that!”

However, it is Khaled’s unlikely pairing with Queenbridge’s Nas (“I’m On”) that has many fans raising their eyebrows at such a mash-up of contrasting styles.

According to Khaled, the collaboration was a long time coming.

“I called and told him I wanted to do a ‘Hate Me Now’ but a little different. It was just time for us to do something,” Khaled revealed. “We always wanted to work together throughout the years. Somehow the record got leaked and it really pissed me off because I wanted it to be a surprise. It’s a big record. Nas is spitting that fire…he’s a legend.”

Aware the some fans are critical of the perceived lack of lyrical content and dexterity among the new generation of MCs, Khaled again references Nas, by pointing out that only certain artists are bred to have lasting legacies.

“Lyrics will always be there,” Khaled stated. “That’s why only certain people can be legends.”

Recently the emergence of ringtones has sparked debates on whether this new technology has damaged the importance of albums and artist development in Hip-Hop.

As a successful artist with both albums and ringtones, Khaled argues both can co-exist if the particular artist is savvy and talented enough.

“You got to remember if you have a big ringtone record you got a hit record and you’re a hit artist,” Khaled explains. “Are you a one hit wonder? It depends on that one artist. For me I make big ringtone records and record sales. The sales come when people buy into you and want to be a part of your career. A real fan is going to buy your record and support you.”

The first single for Khaled’s new album is “Out Here Grindin” with Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy, Plies, and Ace Hood.

We Global is due in stores September 16.