DJ Khaled Tight-lipped Jennifer Lopez And Cardi B Collaboration

AllHipHop Staff

DJ Khaled refuses to confirm if there is a Cardi B/J. Lo collaboration.

(AllHipHop News) DJ Khaled refused to reveal any details about the rumored Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B collaboration when he was asked about the project.

The 42-year-old producer spoke to Entertainment Tonight on the set of his new TV show "The Four" where a reporter pleaded with him to tease some details of the reported duet, which he is said to be involved with.

Holding his hands up as he appeared to be fighting with what to say, Khaled eventually replied: "Everything's top secret!"

"But I can tell you this: J.Lo's got some new music coming," he added. "I want to thank J.Lo for letting me be one of the producers amongst other great ones, and a feature on the record. I'm grateful."

Cardi is one of the hottest new names in the music industry and is breaking records left, right and center.

Her latest record saw her beat Beyonce to become the third act, and first-ever woman, with five of the top 10 hits on America's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in a single week.

She has tied Drake and Kendrick Lamar for the most concurrent top 10s in the chart since it began in 1958.

And Khaled is more than a little proud of Cardi and what she's accomplished since bursting onto the music scene.

"Cardi B man, she's doing her thing. God bless her," he said. "To get in the game, these are the rewards and the accomplishments that we all work hard for, (like) her Hot 100s. I remember getting my first Hot 100 No. 1. I know the feeling. I know how exciting that is. It's a drive to make you keep going more and more and more and more.

"Nothing but love for Cardi B and all the new artists out there doing their thing."

Among Khaled's upcoming projects is a tour with Demi Lovato, which kicks off next month.

Teaming up with the "Confident" singer has been a rewarding process for the producer already, as he explained: "She's great. I love her story, meaning, it's inspiring. It's a blessing that she called me and gave me the opportunity to hit the stage with her."