DJ Mike "5000" Watts Talks Chopped and Screwed Music; Launches New Online Radio Show

(AllHipHop News) Houston, Texas based Swisha House founder DJ Mike "5000" Watts spoke with about the usage of the popular "Chopped and Screwed" production style, as well as his new online radio show.

Watts, who is widely regarded as one of Texas' most influential DJ's, is pleased that newer artists have begun incorporating the late DJ Screw's unique techniques into their own productions.

"First off before I say anything about it, I gotta say R.I.P. to DJ Screw," Watts told "But the way it is now, I see a lot of people that aren't even from Texas that are part of the screwed movement and that are giving the movement a big boost and jump. A lot of people thought the whole thing in their mind that it [Chopped and Screwed music] was dead, but out here in in Texas, like me, the OG Ron C and a few others we always been doing it. People like A$AP Rocky they really put it out there and its like bringing a whole genre to life, that makes people pay attention to it again, they know its not dead."

Watts, who recently produced the Chopped and Screwed version of Big K.R.I.T.'s Return of 4eva, said he was a fan of certain new acts, including A$AP Rocky.

"I'm not gonna lie, you know what I like the song ["Purple Swag"]," Watts said. "I'm not gonna lie, I feel like its a Texas swagger jack, but I like the song it's cool, I have to give him his card, I like the song."

Mike "5000" Watts has also launched a new radio show dedicated to exposing some of the most popular records that come through the state of Texas.

"Right now we doing Swish House radio. I do my show every Sunday and we have a big national buzz so we have so much music that we really want to launch Swisha Radio for 2012," Mike Watts explained. "Another reason why I am launching it is because as far as the south is concerned, we need a promotional outlet. It's going to be mainly southern based and its going to be an outlet for people out there to get their music out there."

Check out Mike "5000" Watts newest mixtape that was released today (December 9th) for free download.

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