DJ Paul's Half Brother Indicted For Six Murders, Drug Dealing

(AllHipHop News) The half-brother of Memphis producer/rapper DJ Paul Beauregard has been indicted for distributing hundreds of kilos of cocaine and marijuana throughout Memphis and the South. According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Craig Petties has been indicted for at least six murders related to the drug trade, in addition to the drug distribution charges. Federal agents claim Petties aligned himself with a branch of the Sinaloa cartel and through a vast network of associates, imported the cocaine and marijuana into Memphis. The cocaine and marijuana was sold through a variety of phony businesses, which also helped launder Petties illegal income. According to a recently unsealed 50-count indictment, Petties allegedly launched his drug business in 1995 and ran the Memphis-based drug ring from Queretaro, Mexico until 2008. Petties is accused of murdering a member of a rap group known as The Grenade Posse, due to references to drug trafficking on the album. Several other men were killed because they were suspected of being informants or formidable rivals to Petties drug empire. Petties, an alleged leader in the Gangster Disciples, was originally indicted in 2002, but went on the run, landing him in the Top 15 Most Wanted American fugitives list. Federal prosecutors seized over $3 million in assets, over 40 vehicles and over $600,000 in cash. Petties, who could face the death penalty if convicted, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.