DJ Paul Says MTV's 'Adventures In Hollyhood' Sure To Draw Laughs


Tenn.-based rap group Three 6 Mafia has teamed with MTV for a new comedic reality


show, titled Adventures in Hollyhood, is set in Los Angeles and follows

the Oscar-winning collective and their entourage as they set out to Hollywood

in an effort to make the most of their fame and "establish themselves as

Hollywood players.""The

show…is about us winning the Oscar and coming--not moving--to LA," DJ

Paul told "We still live in Memphis, but we got spots in Los

Angeles to capitalize and chase paper. I can't do that in the hood. It's a comedy

and we got a lotta celebrity cameos. It shows us taking meetings, recording, filming,

etc., but comedy with it. No boring sitting there negotiating s**t."The

series, which was green-lighted Wednesday (Sept. 20) by MTV, will premiere in

the first quarter of 2007 with eight half-hour episodes.Adventures

in Hollyhood is the latest in a string of accomplishments for Three 6 Mafia

since the group captured a best original song Oscar this year for "It's Hard

Out Here for a Pimp," from the film Hustle & Flow.They

were recently seen performing in the series premiere of NBC's Studio 60 on

the Sunset Strip.Fans

can also catch the group in the upcoming Jackass 2 film, in theaters on

Friday. With more than 15 years of experience under their belt, the group is still

amazed at how fortunate they've become."It

feel good as hell man," said DJ Paul. "You know after 'Sippin on Sizurp'

and 'Chicken Heads' blew real big in 2000 I thought that would be the career highs

for us. 'Ridin' Spinners' did real good, but not as big as those. But we still

sold over a gold album with just that one single so that still was a blessing."But

we was like 'let's just keep the underground rolling. We've done our run.' That

was like 2002, already 12 years in the game," Paul continued. "Then

all of a sudden in 2005 the label called us and said 'when u n***as gonna give

us another major release."That

call marked the beginning of the group's transition into the mainstream, as work

began on their breakthrough release Most Known Unknowns."I

call it the 'Watch what you wish for album' cause we fussed about not being known

and getting credit for our role in Hip-Hop being the pioneers of Crunk and at

that time, 15 years in the game," said DJ Paul, who was surprised at the

reaction to "Poppin' My Collar," the group's follow up to its hit lead

single "Stay Fly.""That

was a record for us cause we never had a second single do big in our career,"

he said. "Then we win an Oscar, of all awards, and we never even been nominated

for anything before! I never won s**t in my life--not even in a Sprite bottle

top. My winning luck was bad."Bad

luck seems to be the furthest thing associated with Three 6 Mafia now, as the

group prepares for reality show stardom. "Hollyhood

shows how that all went down and more," DJ Paul said about their rise. "It's

something different from all reality shows. It's the new Three's Company,

Sanford & Son of this time."