DJ Premier Speaks on Guru, Clarifies Previous Alleged Statements

After several back and forth statements from Solar and the Elam family, DJ Premier recently revealed his feelings regarding his old partner Guru and the controversy surrounding him.

On his HeadQCourterz radio show last night (March 5), Premier advised that he had previously made no official statements on Guru’s situation, despite numerous quotes over the past week carrying his name.

“First of all anyone that’s been seeing any statements from me, it’s all false,” Premier explained. “If it wasn’t told to someone directly, it’s not coming from me. I have never made a statement until today, and I will not make a statement until all the facts are given from the proper people. And the proper people are not giving the facts, so there’s nothing to say until we get that.”

Producer Solar broke the news on Tuesday (March 2) that his rhyme partner Guru (Keith Elam) had successful surgery, and was expected to make a complete recovery from a massive heart attack.

A statement purported to be from Guru himself soon followed, stating that Solar is “the only person who has accurate info on my situation.”

On Thursday (March 4), Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff accused Solar of lying about Guru’s present condition, and using legal means to prevent the rapper’s family from seeing him.

That allegation was flatly denied by Solar the following day, who told that Guru’s brother, sister, and niece have been visiting him regularly.

“Guru's family dynamic and who he wants to look out for his interests is Guru's business and best left to Guru to discuss. I will state that Guru wanted this matter to be kept private to protect his loved ones and fans from this ordeal and from it becoming a circus, which it is becoming.”

DJ Premier did not address any of Solar’s statements directly, but made it clear his allegiance was with Guru’s nephew, whom he praised for speaking out about the situation.

“Shout out to Justin Ruff, a true soldier and a warrior that took on his own initiative to truly let motherfuckers know evil lurks in Guru’s life still, and that shit will cease eventually. ‘Cause God don’t like ugly like they say, and love always conquers the devil.”

The legendary producer also added that his only concern is seeing his former collaborator back on his feet and healthy.

“It’s not about me it’s him, and the Gangstarr legacy,” he said. “Without him there’s no me, and without me there’s no him. Again, Guru we love you my G, stay strong my dude.”

At press time, Guru has released no further personal statements since Wednesday.