DJ Qbert Creates Online DJ School

AllHipHop Staff

Critically acclaimed turntablist DJ Qbert has launched the first ever video-based online DJ school.

Now known as QSU (Qbert Scratch University), the San Francisco native brings over 20-years of experience to the online curriculum.

The courses range from basic cutting techniques, to advance classes detailing “battle” strategies to be used in competition with rival DJs.

Partnered in the project with Qbert is ArtistWorks, Inc, a company that develops Internet-based businesses for musicians by incorporating cutting edge distance learning and video technology.

The group utilizes a proprietary VMS (Video/Media Management System) for students to send their practice sessions over to Qbert.

From there, the QSU founder posts a detailed video response.

Students will have personal pages for regular peer to peer interaction for study groups and networking.

In addition, Qbert will use his network of industry contacts to have guest DJs and other professionals offer their insight into the music business, and the role of the 21st century DJ.

With scratching/cutting being a worldwide staple of Hip-Hop culture, Qbert explained to that he’s proud to have a platform to bring all aspiring DJs together.

"It's cool that scratching has so many fans around the world and we can all be in one place now and learn from each other no matter where we live,” he stated.

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