DJ Qbert Launches Qbert Skratch University


Aspiring DJs will receive a helping hand in perfecting their craft, courtesy of legendary turntablist DJ Qbert.

The entertainer has joined forces with Napa, California-based ArtistsWorks, Inc. to create Qbert Skratch University, an online video learning site scheduled to launch in early 2009.

Through a series of progressive videos, Qbert will teach various levels of scratching techniques to students that range from basic to exotic to beat juggling.

With the university, Qbert sees unlimited potential in reaching newcomers who want to become an established DJ as well as veteran turntablists looking to take their skills to the next level.

"It's cool that skratching has so many fans around the world and we can all be in one place now and learn from each other no matter where we live," said Qbert, who will make assignments to students when necessary. "One day in the future, we'll be able to instantly beam ourselves to any location in the world. But for now, the easiest way I can connect with other skratchers around the globe is through the QSU!"

Participants will be able to post videos on the University’s website as Qbert evaluates and responds to each video by offering personal guidance and suggestions via a response video or written text assessment.

Also, students can work at their own pace and move around the instructional videos.

The online school is the latest accomplishment for Qbert, who has been featured in the critically acclaimed documentaries Scratch and Hang the DJ.

In addition to providing a continuous block of instruction, the turntablist will post videos of competitions as well as his experiences on the road.

For more details about the online school, visit, and