DJ Quik, Snoop and Teddy Riley Form Production Unit

AllHipHop Staff

Seeking to expand pool their talents together for the entire industry, West Coast producer/emcee DJ Quik has united with fellow veterans Snoop Dogg and Teddy Riley to create a super production team.

With records labels becoming reticent about spending money, Quik explains that many promising artists are struggling to get their music heard.

"Snoop started this company called QDT (Quik-Dogg-Teddy). We produce records and write songs for other cats that don't have access to great producers or songwriters," Quik told "We are trying to be a medium between them and the record company. Teddy has been writing for the Pussycat Dolls and other people at Interscope. Snoop has been writing for his groups, and I've been storing tracks for them when it's time to go full-fledged with it."

Even with a strong team beside him, Quik is still focused on developing his own acts.

First up for the Compton native is The O Boyz, a full-fledged band out of Oakland.

"My band, The O Boyz. They come from Oakland, California. They are really talented kids that really get it in," Quik revealed to "The drummer is Q, the keyboardist is Lynette, the guitarist is Greg, and the bass player is Marcus. These guys really love music. They are young but they were born into music so it's real easy for them to play whatever we do."

Although he will continue working extensively with labels via QDT and his own Universal imprint, Quik would rather have his new group retain some independence from him.

"I am actually going to get them their own deal. Signing somebody is not always the best option," Quik admitted "People go around saying, 'I signed so and so' and then they go and get a release because nothing happens. I am going to keep the group free but they know that my loyalties lie with them. I am going to do what is best for them, even if that means letting them sign with somebody else."

At press time, an official QDT announcement on their first project is pending.