DJ Rob Swift, Kangol Kid, Headline NJPAC Hip-Hop Fest

AllHipHop Staff

On April 1-4, Newark, NJ’s NJPAC Center will host Alternate Routes, a 4 day festival featuring over 30 Hip-Hop artists.

The event aims to showcase the many multi-faceted artists in the Tri-State area, along with musicians from Canada. In addition to performances, the festival’s lineup includes spoken word artists, exclusive film screenings, emcee battles, panel workshops, and a late night open mic.

Set to perform on Alternate Route’s second day, dubbed “Fresh Status,” are former Def Jam rapper and Jay-Z signee Sam Scarfo, and Newark native Tame One, formerly of 90’s duo The Artifacts and now the Weathermen.

On April 4, a panel discussion will be conducted with Hip-Hop pioneer Kangol Kid, and trailblazing female emcee Lin Que of X-Clan.

Rob Swift, a founding member of the acclaimed X-ecutioners, will close the event with Hip-Hop Fundamentals 101.

Through exhibitions, Swift is scheduled to detail the various elements of the culture in DJing, beatboxing, and breaking. is the official online sponsor for the event, and local readers/members are encouraged to attend.

Tickets are available through NJPAC at 1-888-GO-NJPAC,, or the NJPAC box office at One Center Street in Newark, NJ.

For further information on the festival, as well as free events, visit and