DJ Rob Swift Readies Latest Album

Former X-Men/X-ecutioner DJ Rob Swift's first

single, "Interview with Colored Man" featuring Supernatural and Radar

recently hit stores shelves. The B-side: "2 3 Break" features Klever

and Melo-D. The single is from Rob Swift's latest album, Sound Event.

Sound Event features a freestyle by the legendary

Supernatural, who spits a verse off the head based on the album's track titles.

Rob goes on during the album to feature his varied influences, including a song

named "Salsa Scratch" features a vocal cameo from his mother and Jazz

artist Bob James. Other guests include J-live, The Human Orchestra, Kenny Muhammed,

Large Professor and others.

"Artists like Stevie Wonder go in to cut

records and they think, "Well, we can get him on drums and him for guitars.

My thing is to get people to think, 'Who's gonna play the turntable?'"

Rob Swift said in reference to his love for turntablism.

Here is the track Listing for Rob Swift's Sound


* A Super Natural Intro: feat. Supernatural

* 2 3 Break feat. DJ Klever (Allies) + DJ Melo-D (Beat Junkies)

* The Great Caper feat. Dujeous?

* Hip Hop on Wax feat. Large Professor + DJ Radar

* Salsa Scratch feat. Bob James + D-Styles

* The Ghetto

* Sub Level feat. J-Live

* The Program feat. Gudtyme, Eddeganz + DJ Quest (Live Human/Bullet Proof Space


* Tronic feat. The Human Orchestra Kenny Muhammed

* Interview with Colored Man feat. Supernatural

* Trunk of Funk

* Sound Event