DJ Scratch Launches The School of the Turntable Arts

DJ Scratch, longtime DJ

for EPMD and general turntable wizard, has launched a turntable school to help

up and coming DJ's with the art of scratching.

The School of the Turntable

Arts (SOTA) officially opened its doors earlier this year, to teach new DJ's

the art of mixing and scratching.

"I started this school

because I noticed that a lot of DJ’s don't know how to DJ with two hands,

instead they use one like it's a slot machine. So I started the

SOTA to teach them the art and how to perfect the craft," DJ Scratch told “I am actually teaching the class. I will be teaching legendary

skills that so many veteran DJ’s use to this day, but I also am giving

credit where credit is due and teaching them history as well. Everyone needs

to know who the pioneers are that perfected this art [turntabling]."

In addition to starting

the SOTA, DJ Scratch is also working on a documentary about his 20 plus years

behind the turntables.

“So Whatcha Sayin'”

is titled after EPMD’s classic 1989 hit and is a full length DVD documentary

that narrates his life and those that Scratch has worked with over the years.

Interviews with Busta Rhymes,

Jay-Z, Redman, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and others are featured on the DVD.

For more information about

the School of the Turntable Arts log onto