DJ Seeks Court Order Forcing Ja Rule To Apologize

A South African DJ is seeking a court order to

make Ja Rule publicly apologize, after one a man in his entourage smashed a

50 Cent record and threatened to break the DJ's neck for playing it.

Sakhile "DJ Staxx" Xulu set up on stage

after a concert in Kingsmead, South Africa on Sunday.

He said that after JA Rule came on, he played

his first song, which happened to be 50 Cent's hit song, "21 Questions."

Xulu said despite just playing the record due to its popularity, within minutes

the song was cut and he was told he wasn't allowed to play it.

After 10 minutes, one of the members in JA Rule's

entourage allegedly confronted Xulu and said that he was given two choices:

hand over the record or get his neck broken after the show.

The man took the record, smashed it to bits and

threw it on the floor.

The concert promoter dismissed the incident,

saying "it was really like waving a red flag at a bull" and denied

Xulu's allegations of threat and intimidation.

The promoter said JA Rule's entourage simply

asked to halt the record from being played.