DJ Skee Readies Skeetox With Lil Jon, Ray-J and Nipsey Hussel

DJ Skee readies Skeetox, the rapper's super series of concerts tonight with performances with the likes of Lil Jon, Nipsey Hussel, Clinton Sparks and Ray-J.

The event starts shortly on the West Coast and talked to Skee to get his thoughts on what fans would witness.

"I really wanted to capitalize off the moment so I put together a 6-piece band and its insane. We're playing the acapella, I have four turntables, I'm remixing it live with my iPad program that I'm running around with," he said. "Its crazy stuff. We hit like 50 songs in an hour. Its a crazy intense show...sensory overload."

The event takes place in Los Angeles at The Roxy. Tickets are available at the door.

Skee said he hopes to take the art of DJing to the next level.

"In the middle of performing, you'll see random people come out and perform. Its like the ultimate live concert. All genres of music..just dope stuff."

For those that miss this event, DJ Skee said there will be others in July and August.