DJ Unk Gives Up Weed, Liquor After Heart Attack

AllHipHop Staff

Atlanta DJ/rapper DJ Unk was recently hospitalized with heart problems.

The rapper, famous for his single "Walk It Out" was rushed to the hospital on Saturday (August 29), after suffering a mild heart attack.

He was treated and released over the weekend.

On his Twitter page, he confirmed the heart attack and revealed that he would be leading a healthier lifestyle.

DJ Unk born Anthony Platt, denied reports that drug use was to blame, although he did state that he would be giving up his habit of smoking marijuana.

He brushed off the allegations that he overdosed smoking marijuana and claimed that a poor diet was the reason he suffered a heart attack.

"No more Kush, Purp, Piff, Haze, Sour desiel [types of marijuana] for me! No more drinks! Got to do this for my health! Live healthy! be healthy! Live unhealthy and suffer the concequences! [sic]. Keep god first and haters last! It's not over till the fat lady sing."

While he admitted to being at “45 % strength,” DJ Unk remained in good spirits as he prepared for a trip to Germany for an upcoming performance.

“No more hot wings, no fried food, no more seafood ! Dam what must I eat?(air) and (water)?” Unk joked.

According to statistics, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for African-American men and women, killing nearly 100,000 per-year.