DJ Vlad and DJ Roc Raider Drop 'Rock Phenomenon' Mixtape

DJ Vlad and DJ Roc

Raider have release the third installment of the Rap Phenomenon, but

the pair has opted to unite rock-n-roll in Rock Phenomenon, a mixtape

that includes Jay-Z/The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dr. Dre/ Korn, MOP/ Jimi Hendrix

and many others.

"I did [Rock Phenomenon] for a couple of reasons.

First, I wanted to come out with another official 'Phenomenon' mixtape,

but I wanted to switch it up this time. I wanted to keep the same quality and

work from the first couple of mixtapes, but totally change the genre of music,"

Vlad told "Actually, that's the main reason."

The change comes as Vlad’s 2Pac Rap Phenomenon II

was named the #3 Hip-Hop album of all time by Chris Rock in a recent edition

of Rolling Stone magazine.

Vlad said while commercial radio and video doesn't always reflect

it, Hip-Hop has long been influenced by Rock-n-Roll and Heavy Metal.

“Early hip-hop was very Rock influenced,” Vlad continued.

“Take a look at Rick Rubin. He produced all the early LL Cool J, Beastie

Boys and some others like Run-DMC and it still works. All the Lil' Jon stuff,

the M.O.P. stuff - all that really works with Rock. I heard Lil' Jon is actually

working on a rock album with Rick Rubin right now."

Vlad said he and award winning DJ Roc Raider attempted to show

people just how well the genres of music actually blend together. To further

drive the point home, the mixtape is hosted by Mike Shinoda, front-man for the

platinum plus rock band, Linkin Park.

Shinoda himself recently dropped a Hip-Hop side project as a

member of the group Fort Minor.

2Pac Rap Phenomenon II is the biggest moving

mixtape of all time, so there was a lot of pressure to live up to the 'Phenomenon'

name. Every song on this mixtape is produced to death.”

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